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What Kind Of Quality Testing Does The Food Grade Hose Need To Go Through?
Jul 28, 2017

Today, people increasingly high awareness of food safety, national laws and regulations are more and more perfect. The use of food-grade hoses is becoming more widespread, but most of us may not be able to understand its characteristics, but also how to choose the right safe food-grade hose can not start. For the food industry in terms of the most important of course, is safe, we must understand that food hoses are subject to professional quality testing, in line with national health standards can enter the market, its security is the industry standard.

First food-grade hose need to go through what kind of quality testing?

1. Pipe wall permanent row electrostatic capacity, surface impedance <109Ω - in line with TRBS2153 regulations

2. Pipe wall meets food grade requirements - complies with EU Directive 2002/73 / EC, including the latest revised 975 / 2009EC regulations

3. Independent testing laboratory testing of hoses - Complies with EU 2002/72 / EC regulations, including the latest 2007/19 / EC regulations

4. Pipe wall material complies with US FDA regulations - Complies with FDA FCN 21CFR 177.1680 and 177.2600

Second, because the food industry for the special requirements of health requirements, food hose production materials are also very concerned about, Lexus used polyether - polyurethane (Pre-PUR) production of food grade transparent steel hose than ordinary poly Ester-Polyurethane-made hoses have better antimicrobial and hydrolytic properties, as well as better chemical stability and flexibility at low temperatures, as well as IVG, TRELLEBORG, Italian Alfagmar (ALFAGOMMA) brands such as natural rubber selection Material, is the food industry hose production preferred material.

In addition, the application of food hose is very wide, different food industry and the use of different environments for the requirements of the hose is also different, Laikes food-grade hose diameter range is very large, in terms of product structure can meet the different industries, the environment The use of requirements, such as the thickness of the wall, the performance of compression and so on.