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What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying A High Temperature Duct?
Jul 28, 2017

High-temperature duct is the appearance of the use of steel ring structure, wear-resistant negative pressure, fire Kewei material developed from the outer layer of tough steel ring protection, you can drag the ground at random and will not wear duct, Also can withstand the weight of the object, fire, water, anti-acid and alkali; cost is extremely high; anti-vibration; external wear through the spiral wire to play a protective effect. Is a variety of high temperature harsh environment ventilation exhaust transmission necessary hose. With the development of domestic industrial production, high temperature duct is the product of China's industrial technology development

First, the size of high temperature duct. We buy high temperature air duct is generally used for industrial ventilation exhaust, usually high temperature duct will be installed on the production equipment to use, so the high temperature duct diameter and we are closely related, if the diameter is too large , The connection device may be found after the interface will leak, can not complete the normal exhaust, if the diameter is too small, we may not be able to connect with the device, and ventilation wind speed will be subject to certain restrictions, a direct impact on us The normal operation of industrial equipment. So, when we buy high temperature ducts, the first thing to note is the size of the high temperature duct.

Second, the high temperature duct circulation media. In the purchase of high temperature ducts should also consider the flow of media, ducts within the transmission of different media, we use the duct is not the same, and some circulation of chemical products, this time we use the high temperature duct It is possible to prevent the corrosion of chemical products, and we choose the high temperature duct to be able to meet the flow medium concentration, temperature and other requirements, different components of the media we use different materials, high temperature duct for transmission, High temperature duct, the attention of the media for circulation is essential.

Third, the high temperature duct work environment. We can not use the same environment in the high temperature duct, so when the purchase of high temperature duct, we have to understand the working environment of high temperature duct, if it is used in high pressure environment, we need Buy high-temperature resistant high-temperature duct, if it is used in high temperature environment, then we may need to buy high temperature resistant high temperature duct, so the purchase of high temperature duct, we must be on our duct Use the working environment for a detailed understanding, and then buy their own needs for the duct.