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The Factors That Should Be Paid Attention To In The Design Of Dust Removal System In Ventilation Ducts
Jul 28, 2017

A complete dust removal system includes four parts: dust hood, ventilation pipe, dust collector and fan. The ventilation duct is a channel for transporting the dust laden air, which connects the dust suction hood, the dust collector and the fan into one body. Pipeline design is reasonable, directly affect the effect of the whole dust removal system. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all kinds of problems in pipeline design in order to obtain a more reasonable and effective scheme.

1, pipeline components

1.1 elbow

The elbow is a common component of the connecting pipe, and its resistance is related to the factors such as the diameter of the pipe D, the radius of curvature R and the number of sections. The greater the radius of curvature R, the smaller the resistance. But when R is greater than 2 2.5D, no longer bend resistance decreased significantly, while the occupied space is too large, so that the parts and equipment system pipeline, not easy layout, so from the practical point of view, in the design of R is 1 ~ 2D, 90 degrees bend are generally divided into 4 ~ 6

1.2 three links

In the dust removal system in centralized network, often using three components -- air confluence. The three branch of the confluence of the two branches of the air flow rate at the same time, will lead to the role of injection, while accompanied by energy exchange, that is, the flow rate of the loss of energy, small flow of energy, but the total energy loss. In order to reduce the resistance of the three pass, we should avoid the phenomenon of ejecting. It is better to make the flow velocity of the two branch pipes and the main pipe equal to that of V1=V2=V3, and the relationship between the diameter of the two branch pipe and the main pipe is d12+d22=d32

The resistance of the three pass is related to the direction of the air flow, and the angle between the two branch pipes is generally taken from the angle of 15 DEG to 30 DEG, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the air and reduce the resistance loss. Three can not use T connection, because the T shaped connection of the three way resistance than a reasonable connection of the big 4 ~ 5 times.

In addition, try to avoid the use of four links, because the air flow in the four channel interference, seriously affect the suction effect, reducing the efficiency of the system.

1.3 divergent tube

When the gas flows in the pipeline, such as the cross section of the pipe is suddenly changed from small to large, then the air flow also suddenly expands, causing a large impact pressure loss. In order to reduce the resistance loss, the smooth transition of the diffuser is usually adopted. The resistance of the expanding tube is caused by the formation of the vortex zone due to the inertia effect of the expansion of the section. The greater the divergent angle, the greater the vortex, the energy loss is greater. When a exceeds 45 degrees, the pressure loss is equivalent to the impact loss. In order to reduce the resistance of the diffuser, the a must be reduced gradually, but the smaller the A, the larger the length of the diffuser. Usually, the gradual expansion of the A to 30 degrees is appropriate

1.4 pipeline and fan interface and export

When the fan is running, it will produce vibration. In order to reduce the influence of vibration on the pipeline, it is best to use a hose (such as canvas hose) in the place where the pipeline is connected with the fan. At the outlet of the fan is usually used straight pipe, when the installation position is limited, the need to install the elbow at the outlet of the fan, the elbow should be the same as the direction of rotation of the fan impeller.

When the air flow is discharged from the outlet of the pipeline, the energy of the air flow is exhausted before the discharge. In order to reduce the export pressure losing, the export made gradually expanding gradually expanding the pipe outlet angle is not big, best not to set the hood or other objects, and reduce the exhaust gas flow rate

These are some problems that should be paid attention to in pipeline design. In the actual design, pipeline diameter, wind speed and flow, but also based on the actual situation of the resistance calculation, in the premise of ensuring the use of the effect, so that the minimum energy consumption of the gas flow