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Performance Of PVC High Pressure Tubes
Jul 28, 2017

PVC high-pressure pipe is oxygen acetylene cutting welding with a plastic hose. The use of toughness of the PVC material and high tensile strength of polyester reinforced wire weaving production, the product has a high working pressure, light pipe, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-bending. The use of twist-treated polyester threads and the best mix of PVC to produce products, reducing the PVC pipe hard shortcomings, so the product is not only smooth and very soft. After the special processing of polyester polyester thread twist treatment, in the middle of the pipe layer of textile manufacturing products, so the product of the rupture pressure is very high, up to 200kg / cm ²; working pressure can reach 60kg / cm ². After the use of rigorous selection of materials, fine filter processing and improve the quality management system to produce products, so the product life is very long.