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What are the materials of the ventilation ducts?
Jul 28, 2017

In general, there are many kinds of tunnel ventilation pipe material, according to the different uses to determine the use of the ventilation pipe material is what. Among them, the stainless steel ventilation pipe is the most common, and the use of the widest range. Because the stainless steel material texture hard, and high wear resistance, suitable for outdoor environment, not afraid of the water is not afraid of the sun.

And then there is a plastic material of the ventilation pipe, this ventilation tube because the texture is soft, easy to bend, apply to those more complex structure of the building. And waterproof, high temperature, because it is plastic, so the flexibility is relatively high, you can use the flexible easy to break, and light, easy to install are the advantages of this type of tunnel ventilation pipe.

There is also a more common ventilation pipe, is made of wire ring with the expected made of free-retractable pipe. This type of tunnel ventilation pipe can be used for those who need temporary air injection of the place, and easy to fold, will not take up a lot of space, the function becomes flexible.

Ventilation pipe and some are fiberglass, composite materials, etc., each material of the ventilation pipe has its different use characteristics.

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