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What are the main materials for food grade hoses?
Jul 28, 2017

With the increase in people's awareness of food hygiene and safety, food-grade hoses used in the food industry are becoming more stringent, and the rapid development of the food and hygiene industry, as a food-grade hose for the food industry, Large development changes, pu steel hose quality requirements continue to improve. In particular, with the impact of last year's plasticizer events, pvc material and rubber material clearly pointed out that no longer used in the food industry, can be used as food-grade hose material has become the focus of discussion, Food grade hose material.

Now the production of food-grade hose material is mainly 304 stainless steel, food grade pu material, silicone material these three categories. Pu wire hose specifications stainless steel hose manufacturers to reduce production costs and enhance the competitiveness of the hose more than 212 steel instead of 304 stainless steel for production. As the stainless steel pipe with heavy quality, easy to bend, prone to retention and other shortcomings in the production process is not easy to use, so more light to meet the requirements of the food grade pu material more favored by the majority of customers. Pu food grade hose with food grade polyurethane material, high temperature extrusion process, stainless steel wire to do skeleton, hose light, easy to bend, inside and outside the smooth, to prevent the breeding of microorganisms, hose diameter is from 25mm-100mm, fully meet the various Industry needs. Widely used in food processing, drinks, beverages, fruit juice, edible oil, spices and other industries.

Silicone material due to its special performance, commonly used in high temperature industry, the hose can meet the food grade or health level requirements, usually can be used as food filling hose, peristaltic pump delivery hose, food equipment connected hose use. Pu steel pipe, food grade hose quality standards: food grade hose usually to meet the domestic 18 non-plasticizer testing indicators and the US food-grade FDA food standards or the EU 2011 food-grade regulations.

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