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PVC plastic hose use precautions
Jul 28, 2017

PVC plastic hose as a non-toxic hose, the use of temperature range controlled at 0- +65 ℃, this product has a strong wear resistance, and solvent resistance is also very good, this equipment is generally used In the irrigation and drainage equipment or plastic processing machinery, the use is also more extensive.


1, the appearance of color: mainly in blue, yellow, green-based, with beautiful features. And can also be customized according to user needs a variety of colors. 

2, the use of features: the use of water pipe length can be any splicing, easy to move, strong mobility, storage can be stacked, take up a small space. 

3, the performance characteristics: strong corrosion resistance, cold pressure, not aging, no deformation, life than rubber tube and other plastic pipe length. 

4, the use of: products applicable to a wide range, is currently mainly used for farmland, gardens, grasslands, mining, oil, construction and other places of drainage, irrigation. 

Precautions for using PVC transparent hose:

Be sure to use plastic hoses within the specified temperature and pressure range. When applying pressure, please slowly open / close any valve, so as to avoid the impact of pressure, damage to the hose. The hose changes slightly with its internal pressure and shrinks, and when used, cut the hose into a slightly longer length than you need. 

The hose used should be applied to the fluid being loaded. Consult a professional when you are unsure whether the hose you are applying to a fluid. 

• Do not use non-food grade hoses for the production or handling of food products, supply of drinking water, and cooking or washing food. The hose should be used above its minimum bending radius. When applying the hose to powder or particles, please enlarge the bend radius as much as possible to reduce possible wear on the hose.

· Do not use in extreme bending near metal parts.

• Do not touch the hose directly or near the open flame.

• Do not crush the hose with a vehicle or the like. 

In the cutting steel wire reinforced hose and fiber steel composite reinforced hose, the exposed wire will cause harm to people, please pay special attention.

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