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PVC pipe advantage
Jul 28, 2017

In the production of general resin, PVC resin consumption of ethylene the lowest amount of production costs are the lowest. Domestic production per ton of PVC consumption of ethylene 0.5314 tons, while the average consumption of ethylene per ton of ethylene 1.042 tons, the domestic consumption of ethylene per ton of PVC resin consumption of polyethylene less than about 50%. The production of PVC with the raw material chlorine, is to balance the production of caustic soda to produce chlorine an important way, caustic soda is essential for the national economy is very important raw materials. In addition, from the plastic products point of view, PVC and a variety of additives compatibility, in the production of pipe can be added to a large number of low-cost filler, so that greatly reduced production costs.

PVC pipe energy consumption is 316KJ / m3, aluminum energy consumption is 619KJ / m3, PVC energy consumption of 70KJ / m3, and the production of aluminum per cubic meter of steel and aluminum production, That is, the energy consumption of PVC is 4.5 times the PVC, aluminum consumption is PVC 8.8 times. While the production of PVC pipe processing energy consumption is only one-third of the same diameter metal pipe. At the same time as PVC pipe wall is smooth, does not break corrosion tumor, water delivery efficiency, for infusion can save about 20%.

PVC pipe has a good mechanical properties, and has excellent corrosion resistance, the use of light weight, easy installation, no maintenance, and the use of steel for public works sewer, in the course of the process due to corrosion, must Often coated with paint, high maintenance costs. General construction and public works with metal pipe about 20 years to be replaced, and the role of processing a good PVC pipe, the service life of up to 50 years. Therefore, PVC pipe is a low production cost, high strength, good corrosion resistance of plastic products.

In general, in the sewage, waste water and ventilation ducts, PVC pipe than the use of cast iron pipe to save installation and labor costs about 16-37%; for the use of wire guide wire tube cost savings of 30-33%; and the role of chlorination PVC (PVC) pipe in the hot and cold water, than the use of the same size of copper cost savings of 23-44%. Therefore, due to the advantages of PVC pipe, countries are actively developing and promoting PVC pipe.

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