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Installation requirements of Air conditioning duct hose
Jun 29, 2018

Air conditioning duct processing requirements I believe many of my friends are not very understanding, in order to better use their products, the following small series for everyone to introduce in detail.

First, air conditioning duct connection requirements

1) The single-wall air duct diameter ≤600mm adopts the core tube plug connection and the self-tapping screw connection method. The diameter >600mm adopts the angle steel flange connection.

2) Double-wall air duct diameter <650mm using mechanical flange connection, diameter ≥ 650mm angle steel flange connection.

Second, the general provisions of double-wall spiral duct processing

1) The outer galvanized sheet is hot-dip galvanized, and its outer galvanized sheet thickness is the same as the single-wall spiral duct.

2) The inner plate is 0.55mm thick perforated galvanized sheet, the perforation rate should be 30% or more.

3) The middle insulation layer is made of glass wool with a thickness of 25mm and a density of 32kg/m3 to make heat absorption and externally apply carbonized non-woven cloth.

Third, single wall air conditioning duct processing

A thin steel strip is installed on a steel belt rack, and the thin steel strip enters the press forming working part through a cutting and welding mechanism, and the forming working head (special mold) locks the ventilation pipe according to the specified pipe diameter. The forming pipe is along the product shelf. Continuous processing, extending forward, moving saw according to the required size of the cut round spiral spiral ventilation pipe, and then removed from the finished product rack to the finished area, according to the system coded.

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