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How to solve the problem of vacuum hose hood
Jul 28, 2017

Vacuum cleaner used for a long time when we will encounter a vacuum cleaner can not absorb the dust of this situation, the cause of this phenomenon may be mainly vacuum cleaner hose problems, so in daily life, we should pay attention to maintenance With a vacuum cleaner hose.

1, first of all we should be able to timely clean up the debris inside the vacuum cleaner barrels and a variety of vacuum accessories, vacuum cleaner every time we should clean up dust and dust bags, and also carefully check whether there is leakage Or perforation, and dust dust bag with a detergent to warm the water in the thorough wash quickly, in the air dry.

2, after the use of the power coil around the top of the hook in the top of the hook, and also need to check the power cord and plug the thread is broken.

3, in the work of water absorption, we have to use after the end of the inspection to check whether the impurity to the outlet, if we need to clean up in a timely manner. When we use the machine should be gently, can not use a large force or with external force to impact. When the machine is not suitable, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.

4, in the vacuum cleaner cleaning work, the host head is prohibited to soak in the water for cleaning, this is where we need to pay attention to, and clean up the vacuum cleaner hose when we do not use the kind of corrosive detergent Such as gasoline, banana water and so on. We can not be a long time for the vacuum cleaner to work continuously, so that will seriously affect the life of the machine (control in two hours inside). Do not overly stretch and bend it in a vacuum cleaner hose.

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