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How to clean the central air conditioning ventilation hose
Jul 28, 2017

Central air conditioning system ventilation hose for a long time after the accumulation of dust will not only seriously pollute the indoor air, and will increase the ventilation hose system resistance, so that the central air conditioning system air volume decline. In addition, the temperature and humidity of the air in the ventilated hose are very suitable for the growth and reproduction of certain bacteria, so the central air conditioning ventilation hose system itself may be a source of pollution.

Central air conditioning ventilation hose cleaning process

1, according to the drawings to understand the new ventilation hose, back to the ventilation hose, send ventilation hose system layout.

2, to ventilated hose system as a unit cleaning, disinfection.

3, selected vacuum outlet and cleaning outlet.

4, the use of ventilation hose monitoring and monitoring system to check the degree of pollution within the pipeline, pipeline structure characteristics, select the appropriate cleaning equipment.

5, equipment and tools to transport to the designated location, and covered with blanket construction site below the items, electrician began to turn on temporary power, by the technical person in charge of the construction of the entry point, the ventilation hose cleaning operations.

6, cleaning the operating section of the fire damper. Such as cleaning should not be open on the side of the fire valve cleaning.

7, this section of the ventilation hose after cleaning, close the vacuum cleaner, handle the collector dirt.

8, video surveillance system on the ventilation hose before, during and after the monitoring and video, save the picture.

9, remove the suction pipe and suction tube, restore the cleaning, disinfection of the outlet, with the preparation of the original system with the same kind of material, with rivets closed outlet, and sealant will seal the gap, and restore insulation materials.

10, check the ventilation hose ceiling strength, such as the strength should not be in the ceiling to play expansion bolts, with prefabricated angle steel tray reinforcement, to not affect the ventilation hose strength principle, in strict accordance with the standard operation. Outlet and filter removed to the designated location with high pressure water pipes for cleaning.

11, coil cleaning.

12, collect all the dirt after cleaning, sealed out, and the disinfection of dirt, transported to the designated location.

13, a system of central air conditioning ventilation hose after cleaning, on-site finishing, to restore the status quo.

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