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Characteristics Of PP Ventilation Hose
Jul 24, 2018


No rust: PP pipes can withstand PH values over a wide temperature range, with high concentrations of acids and bases ranging from 1 to 14.

Wear-resistant, non-fouling: PP pipe and pipe inner wall are even and smooth, with low flow resistance and no scaling.

Reduce vibration and noise: PP tubes have excellent sound insulation properties, which can significantly reduce vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.

Anti-freeze cracking: The PP material is excellent in elasticity so that the cross section of the pipe and the pipe can expand together with the frosted liquid without bursting.

Anti-condensation, less heat loss: PP material is a poor thermal conductor, which can reduce condensation and reduce heat loss.

Simple installation: PP tube is light in weight, easy to install and operate, and has solderability.

Long service life: The PP pipe system has a life of 50 years under the specified conditions of use.

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